"Using Social Media To Promote Your Inventions - Managing Your Social "One of the biggest challenges most people have who want to use social media to promote their inventions is how to manage their time and get the most out of their social media channels. To help with this challenge here are my top  4 tips to help you manage your time on social media:

  1. Focus on one channel at a time.It is much better to be effective using one social media channel than to use five of them poorly. Choose the channel based on where most of your customers and prospects are hanging out.
  2. Share Good Content. Strike up conversations. Post interesting factoids. Share quotes. Entertain people (youtube videos are great for entertaining).  Help people with solutions. If your invention offers a solution to a problem your audience has, by all means weave that in.  But don’t make it the main thing you talk about.
  3. Set time limits –It is so easy to get distracted, especially with social media. When I first started, I used an old-fashioned egg timer. I set it at 15 minute intervals.When the alarm went off I knew it was time to move on to my next scheduled activity. There are dozens of online alarm tools you can use. Your mobile device likely has one or more. Use them. And stick to your schedule.
  4. Use the 80-20 rule. Share 80% helpful, interesting, non-promotional content and then you can share 20% promotional. People are much more receptive to being “promoted  or sold to” once they know its not the main thing you share.

Keep it interesting. Make it more about them (your audience) and less about you and your invention and people will follow you. And tell their friends to follow you.

I built a 28,000+ following on Twitter by doing just that. I participate every day, sharing 4-7 posts and interacting with at least 5 people (sometime 10 or more).  These have become my advocates – they have helped my channels grow. And they have purchased my products, shown up for my events, promoted my clients… and I theirs.

There is no doubt that social media takes time. If you participate on a regular basis your channel will grow at a slow and steady pace. And then one day you will see a large jump in your following. You will begin to build momentum.  When you do, take advantage of that momentum by participating even more.  Once the momentum resumes a steady pace, go back to your regular schedule of participation

Remember that even though social media is free, it still costs you something. It costs you time, effort and imagination. Don’t spend it unless you have it.