On Wednesday, September 10th at 11 AM (EST)


Inventor of the Cleavage Caddy™ Tells how she got her idea onto the chests of women in America.

Laura McLaren, a single mother has taken her skills from the past 23 years and approximately 68+ jobs to create her own company. Her ingenuity to creatively conceal her cleavage led her to arrange scarves discreetly to accent her attire while maintaining the professionalism her work environment required. She then had an idea to create a multi-functional insert that would carry items such as credit cards, identification, money, lipstick, earpieces for technological devices etc. and the CLEAVAGE CADDY™ (patent pending) was born.The Cleavage Caddy is an insert for your bra with an added lace accent to to enhance your attire with a feminine influence. The lace covers your cleavage, adding an extra element of modesty, while still allowing you to carry all of your personal items discretely tucked in your bra. These are worn anchored to the bra by the elastic strap with a snap. Tuck away your keys, credit cards, lipstick and more!  


Laura then joined the American Business Womens Association who gave her the encouragement to start her own business. Her life has been a roller coaster ever since, but her perseverance and positive attitude, keeps her on track. Her dreams are what motivated her to take on this journey, and she wants to encourage others to follow their dreams as well. Her company, Mazantri Creations is dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of others. One of the guiding principles of Mazantri Creations is to take opportunities to contribute to society in a productive manner.

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You can learn more about the Cleavage Caddy™ at http://www.mazantricreations.com/mazantri-cleavage-caddy.html