How to Capitalize on Your Million Dollar Idea, Its Market Potential and The Path to Profits.

You have an idea. A good idea. But just how good is it? And is it a marketable idea. One that will take you from conception to profitablility? Do you know how to protect your idea in the process? Do you know how to bring your idea to market? How to cash in on your idea? Most people don’t know the ins and outs of innovation. There’s a lot of paperwork and red tape to go through to make sure you get credit (and paid) for your million dollar idea. Many innovators have lost (or never saw) fortunes simply because they had no idea how to move forward, what steps to take to capitalize on their ideas.

In the Inventing Women Handbook for inventors you will learn how to:

– Streamline your idea’s progress from concept to marketplace! – Protect your idea from others through patents, trademarks, copyrights and more! – Profit from your winning idea Topics Covered in the Inventing Women Handbook for Inventors include:

  • Creation And the Birth Of Ideas
  • Innovations, Patents And Brilliant Million Dollar Thoughts
  • Products And Services (From Need To Needed!)
  • Defining And Protecting Innovation
  • Patents – Copyright And Trademarks
  • Packaging -Pitching And Presenting Your New Idea Or Patent
  • Securing Capital – Funding And Dollars
  • The Intricacies And Complexities of Contracts And the Profit Potentials
  • New Economy And Online Marketing – Virtual Marketplace
  • How Licensing Helps You Optimize Your New Idea – Patent And Innovation
  • Frequently Asked Question About Ideas – Patents And New Ideas
  • Inventor Resources including a 48 word glossary of legal terms you need to know
  • And More!

The Inventing Women Handbook for Inventors will answer these questions (and more):

  • Is There A Need For Your Idea?
  • Is This A Truly Original Idea?
  • Does your innovation need a patent, trademark or copyright? Or something else all together?
  • Who can you license your idea to — so they can produce, market and sell your innovation while you cash in?
  • How to manufacture, package and market your idea if you would rather go it on your own? Armed with this knowledge, you have a great shot at producing and cashing in with your million dollar idea.

The Inventing Women Handbook for Inventors is for anyone looking for answers to questions about the steps your idea takes from conception to final product and beyond.

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7 Inventors Share their Lessons in Leveraging Your Ideas to Create Your Next “Big Thing.”

In addition to the IW eBook, as a special thank you, You will receive several bonus audio programs (more than 6 hours of valuable advice to maximize your inventor experience.  They include:

  • Interview with Laura McLaren, Inventor of the Cleavage Caddy
  • How to Package, Market and Sell Your Invention with Joan Lefkowitz
  • Interview with Tomima Edmark, Topsy Tail Inventor
  • Interview with Denyse DuBrucq, EdD. – Inventor, Educator
  • Interview with Julie Rhodes, Inventor  of Kleen Slate
  • Meet Sarah Miller Caldicott (niece to Thomas Edison) and CoAuthor of Innovate Like Edison
  • How to Get your Inventions Into the Right Stores with Jim DeBetta