Thank you for your interest in the Women’s Writing and Publishing Summit from 2008.  Below you will find a list of topics and the writers/publishers and promoters we interviewed for that series. All of these interviews have relevant, evergreen (never out of date) information that can help you skyrocket your writing, publishing and selling process. These interviews have been selling for $57 since they went live. However they are no longer available by themselves.  Women in Ecommerce and Inventing Women are making them available exclusively when you purchase a six-week pass to the Women’s Writing and Publishing  Spring 2010 Series. Click here for more information.

Partnership Publishing – How and when to use the Combined Forces of Publisher and Author to Produce Your Next Book with Linda F. Radke

In this session you will learn the distinction between Standard (traditional) publishing, self-publishing and Partnership publishing including why you might want to use the latter to get your book in the hands of your readers. Considered the best of both publishing worlds, partnership publishing gives the author some control over the outcome of your writing, marketing and ultimate selling of your book.

You will learn how to find publishers willing to work with you, how to work with them, what they look for when creating these joint-venture relationship, what you must do to insure a successful partnership and what outcomes you can expect including the bottom line results.

So You Want to Write a Book! with Ann McIndoo

So, you want to write a book. Congratulations on your decision to write! The writing process can be a memorable experience and open many unexpected doors. Having helped authors write more than 90 books in the last 28 months, I have seen amazing transformations for both authors and their businesses. For some authors, it’s a mission accomplished, a powerful tool for their business; for many, a dream come true; and for some, a healing process.

Who can write a book? Anyone with a dream, desire or an idea. If you are an authority on a subject, possess a skill that others wish to learn, have specialized knowledge, want to
teach others or simply have a burning desire to tell a story, you can write a book!

In this session Ann discusses the following:”

Learn how to prepare to write
Learn what to do before you pick up your pen
Create the structure for your book
Organize your materials
Write Your Book

What to Expect When Working With a Literary Agent with Sharlene Martin

In this session you will learn the inside secrets of a well-respected literary agent who has represented major players in book publishing. Sharlene will talk about how she works with her clients, what she expects of them and they can expect of her, tips to present your writing to an agent, what a book auction is and the factors that determine if and when a book will be go up for auction and the genre of writing she represents. She will answer your burning questions about how to find just the right agent to represent your book… and more.

Publishing Books – The New Book Model with Dan Poynter

The Challenge: To print books for less, maintain smaller inventories and to wring maximum value out of a written Work.

The Solution: Discover digital printing and then multipurpose your core content into eBooks, audio, POD, special reports, articles, seminars, consulting and more. Dan will share The New Book Model: a plan for approaching agents and publishers while self-publishing at the same time.

BOOK PRODUCTION . All about Books, digital printing, POD, eBooks and multipurposing: audio, video, CDs, special reports, selling downloads, personalization/mass-customization, etc. Essentially, this is Section Two (production) of The New Book Model.

How to Leverage Your Contacts to Promote Your Book with Lynn Waymon

When it comes to promoting your book, think of networking as “Identifying and knowing how to capitalize on your spheres of influence.” In this session Lynn will discuss how to create your neworking agenda, how to leverage the time you spend at networking events by knowing what it is you want to accomplish and who you can help (and can help you) to get the greatest return on your investment of time. And while you’re learning about the needs of others, there’s nothing wrong with making your needs clear as well. After all, the whole point of networking is to create a “network”—a group of people that you try to help and who in turn help you.

How to Leverage your Contacts to Promote your Book tackles the big issues of how to create a network and how to deepen relationships with people in that network, how you can get the most help from your network and how to fit networking into your already busy life to promote your book.

Publishing Options–Which One Is Right For YOU with Sherri McConnell

Learn about the current state of the publishing world and hear the view from someone who comes in contact with thousands of published authors every year and knows there is more than one path to become a successful author. Learn what your publishing options are and make a choice based on the path that is right for you based on your personality, strengths, and weaknesses.

You will learn:

Six pros and cons of traditional and self-publishing
Nine questions you should ask yourself before pursuing the traditional route and the
self-publishing route
What is a ghostwriter and should you use one
What is a book proposal and when “I think” you should do one
Nine do’s and don’ts when preparing your book proposal

Are you about to Be Published? Insider “Secrets” to Get into Major Publishing Houses and Into the Hands of Your Readers! with Kim Weiss

In this session, Kim shares her years of experience working with writers such as Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen and what they did to become two of the best selling authors of all time. She will show you what you need to know about the publishing hierarchy, how to prepare your marketing plan, preparing for book store appearances, working with publicists, identifying your media markets and much more.

Jack Canfield, Co-author of the best selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul(R) says of Kim, “I’ve known Kim since the early days when Chicken Soup for the Soul was starting out and have always found her to be honest, reliable, a creative thinker and very connected to the pulse of the publishing business. She has my heartfelt recommendation for any aspiring or seasoned author.”

Copywriting Secrets Every Author Needs to Know with Rosalind Sedacca

An award-winning copywriter for more than twenty-five years, Rosalind has now adapted her copywriting expertise to the launch of her new ebook for divorcing parents titled, HOW DO I TELL THE KIDS ABOUT THE DIVORCE? A “Create-a-Storybook”™ Guide to Preparing Your Children – with Love! Based on her own life experience, this unique book provides expert advice along with fill-in-the-blanks customizable templates to help parents compassionately break the news to their children. Through the process of marketing her book, she has uncovered many copywriting secrets for authors on creating websites, writing sales pages, generating public relations attention, acquiring testimonial endorsements and more. Rosalind will be sharing many of these insights in her presentation.

How to Make Your Book an Best Seller with Kathleen Gage

In this session you will learn the step-by-step formula Kathleen used to take her most recent book to bestselling status on in less than 24 hours after release. She has successfully helped other authors achieve the same results. Learn how to reach millions of potential buyers, offer incredible incentives for people to buy your book on a specific day and have a team of marketing mavens telling everyone they know about your book and where to buy it. It is not difficult to do, but if you miss any part of it, you can fail miserably.

From Book Signing to Best Seller: An Insider’s Guide to Conducting a Successful Low-Cost Book Signing Tour with Jo Condrill

Self-Publishers and other Aspiring Authors…Book signing is not just for the rich and famous! You can do it, too. Major book publishing firms plan and fund book signing tours that run into many thousands of dollars for their authors. For the independent publisher, it is difficult to match their resources. Low-cost book signing tours can put you into the same arena. If your book is self-published and you’re not doing book signings, you are leaving money on the table. Discover The Incredible Inside ‘Shortcut’ Secrets of a Self
Published Best Selling Author! In this session Jo will show you how easy and fun it is to do a book signing tour and sell many more books in the process.

The Busy Author’s Guide to Writing on the Run with Linda & Allen Anderson

We often say, “I don’t have time to write.” But we do have time to write – a little. In this session Linda and Allen will share with you their top tips for “writing on the run” gleaned from years of writing, sharing and learning from their own circle of aspiring and seasoned authors their award winning “Writing on the Run” Newsletter. You will learn tips to Organizing your schedule, how to make spaces for writing at home, work, and on the run, how to effectively conduct research, tips to Overcoming blockages, Marketing what you write and many other aspects of writing and the creative process.