flasksm.jpg There are many steps involved in getting an idea “off the ground” and into the hands it’s intended audience. The good news is that no matter where you are in the process, Inventing Women is here to help you.We are gathering tools, resources and experts in one place to help you succeed. If you have a product, service or idea the world has been waiting for, there has never been a better time to develop it!As an inventor, you undoubtedly know that having an idea is only the beginning. The road to getting your invention to market is a long and often disappointing one.If the statistics are correct, that 95% of all inventions are never fully realized either tangibly or financially, as an inventor, you have your work cut out for you!When you join Inventing Women you get instant access to 12 audio interviews with inventors and experts around the globe beginning with Protecting Your Idea.

You also receive “The Inventors Handbook” and dozens of additional resources to help you realize your dreams.

But wait, there’s more!

If you live in South Florida you will receive invitations to attend local inventor workshops given by experts on a variety of topics including patents, trademarks, marketing, new product licensing, manufacturing and other forms of intellectual transfer, and commercialization. These workshops are being videotaped so members around the globe can access them anytime day or night.

But wait, that’s not all you get!

Members get exclusive access to the Inventors Forum where you can ask questions about anything related to your GREAT IDEA, monthly teleseminars and webinars – featuring topics to help you learn how to manufacturer, market and sell your invention.

Getting your idea to market will require your total commitment. And Inventing Women wants to help you keep your commitment. Inventing Women’s goal is to create a powerful, positive environment for women with ideas whose time has come!

Are You READY for SUCCESS? Join Inventing Women!

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