Is your invention ready for the public? Are you having trouble getting it to market? To get the word out about it? If so, try social media.With social media you can show off your invention to a massive audience of potential prospects and attract buyers ready and able to make a purchase.

No matter what stage your invention is at, social media can help you attract buyers using visual mediums such as videos and images.

Social media has become more and more a visual medium for attracting attention and buyers.

You can use instagram to post images of your invention (even if its still in the prototype stage). You can use vine to create short videos of your invention. You can use YouTube for longer videos demonstrating how your invention works. You can take pictures of people using your invention (with permission, of course). If your invention is in a local store, take a picture of the display. Ask the manager if you can take a picture of her or him holding your product.

These can be posted on social media encouraging your following to share them within their own social channels.

Graphics, photos and videos are also effective on Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. Everyone is going visual! And when people can see your product without having to click on a link, they are much more likely to click that link and share it. A lot more likely.

When you post visuals, be sure and add a link to your website/blog or other site where people can learn more about your product. Authors typically link to Amazon. You can link to a merchant carrying your product or to your own website.

Make sure your website is up to date and has important information such as how/where to order and contact info for more information.

Mix up the links you use with your visuals. For instance don’t just link to the product page, link to a story about the product, a FAQ page about the product, a blog post, an order form, your gallery. That way when the same people see your posts multiple times they will know that there may be something new at the end of the link you just shared.

Create a professional or business page on Facebook and a company page on LinkedIn and Google+. These offer unique ways of tracking analytics and measuring how well your links do.

Test Facebook and Twitter ads to see if they pull in more traffic and if so, how much and what kind. Major retailers love social advertising channels to promote their products and brands. It is a great way to capture an already captive market.

Remember too, that any images and visuals you share should be protected. For you that could be a patent or a trademark.  Seek legal advice before sharing images of your product no matter what stage (prototype or final rendition).

Use social media prudently and frequently. You will find it to be an effective way to spread the word about your inventions.