Over the past two weeks I have had the priviledge of interviewing two exceptional women inventors.

Tomima Edmark is the the inventor of the wildly successful TopsyTail, a hair accessory for women that she marketed by herself to revenues of $150 million. She is also the founder of HerRoom.com and HisRoom.com.

During her interview Tomima shared her journey of taking her invention to market, how she promoted Topsy Tail, got them in major retail outlets, got funding and all the challenges and victories that went along with creating a mutli-million dollar empire.

You can listen to Tomima’s interview here: .


The next interview was with Denyse DuBrucq, inventor, educator and scientist. 

Denyse shared her story about all the things she has invented including the resistance to her ideas even though they could change the world, how she found the perfect patent attorney to work with, the resources she has found helpful in her journey and also the story of her newest invention and how she plans to save millions of lives with it.

You can listen to Denyse’s story here: https://inventingwomen.com/audio/DenyseDubrucq.mp3 .