"Product Review: Tiger Lady Self Defense"Meet TigerLady – a revolutionary and discreet device for females to protect themselves during an assault.

Tigerlady is a reliable, discreet self-defense device modeled after the defensive nature of a cat’s retractable claws. This small, lightweight, hand-held claw can go with you anywhere. Made of high-impact plastic, TigerLady’s defensive claws emulate those of the big cats from which they get their name. Channels on the underside of the claws are designed to capture DNA so you don’t have to see your assailant to make a positive

TigerLady was designed to be simple to use, convenient to carry, and powerful when needed. The three steps for using TigerLady are easy to follow, and will facilitate a heightened sense of situational awareness so you’ll feel less vulnerable, and be more prepared.

About the company: TigerLady was developed and refined over the course of three generations, beginning with the basic design originally patented in 1978 by Al Levine. Al’s son, Jeffrey, working with his wife Linda and his two sons and their wives, refined and re-designed TigerLady, filed a patent application on the new design, and together, will ensure that this unique self-defense tool has an opportunity to help shift the balance of power. Further, the Levine family is proud to say that their product, TigerLady, is made entirely in the USA, and assembled by disabled veterans.

Tiger Lady self defense sells for $35.99 and can be purchased at http://www.tigerlady.com


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