Welcome to PINGLE!  The Poker Networking Game that is perfect for any social situation.


PINGLE is a combination of the words Poker and Mingle based on POKER CARDS, The BASIC DISK Personality Profile Traits and NETWORKING. In fact, it is a guided networking activity that gives people an opportunty to learn more about one another while trade cards and at the end of the activity can even “win prizes.”

PINGLE is a brand new activity (networking game), and is not even on the market yet.  At least not in the form of card decks.  We are in the process of finding just the right company to work with and in the meantime have created a downloadable version.

Included in the download you receive 7 sheets for a total of 54 playing cards (including 2 jokers) to be printed out and used for your next networking event.

Whether you purchase the download version or the the “deck” of cards, you also receive “playing” instructions including each of the four suits personality characteristics, a debriefing form that explains how to determine “winning” hands and suggested variations to facilitate Pingle. You may run off as many decks as necessary for your event.

Playing time:  20-45 minutes depending on number of people and structure of event. You will want to give people enough time to go around the room and “trade” cards and meet and mingle with other guests.

Number of decks needed: Generally speaking you will need 1 deck for every 10 people, however, there will be 4 cards left over for every 10 people so you could get by with the following number of decks if you know exactly how many people will be in attendance:

Up to 10 people/1 deck

11-21 people/2 decks

22-32 people/3 decks

33-43 people/4 decks

54-64 people/5 decks

65-76 people/6 decks

77-87 people/7 decks

88-98 people/8 decks

Click on the PayPal Link below and purchase the download version now for only $9.95 – Update: The Pingledeck is currently being updated and will be available for sale later this year!

Check back soon to Reserve your Pingledeck digital cards!