Tell us about your invention? What does the problem does it solve?


–          Formal education in the USA starts at the age of 5 years and before that there is no formal structure for early childhood education.

–          Current Montessori philosophy was developed close to 100 years ago led by the traditional way of learning by doing, while kids are getting smarter generation after generation, they need something new everyday

–          Pandemic has worsened the situation, virtual learning set up is challenging for kids ages 3-6 years as

o   It increases screen time

o   Needs full-time attention of the parents, while in a virtual session

o    Low enrollments in schools

o   Difficult to retain teachers


tittletot, a theme-based learning program where we have connected early childhood education with 50+ themes. Every theme is unique of its own kind and has step by step learning approach through interconnected activities. We ahve recently started a program called ‘School in a Box’ by tittletot which is a combination of theme-based learning along with virtual classes by experienced Montessori teachers.

What was the inspiration for your invention?

–          My daughter, when she was 3 years, I look for a structured program for her. I did a lot of research on it, used online resources but couldn’t find anything so we came up with the idea of tittletot.

At what stage in the invention process are you?

–          In the last 4 months, 1200+ signed up for our demo sessions and sold 2000+ kits in retail

What is the number one goal you have with regards to your invention?

–          Early childhood education needs more structure. We need to change the traditional teaching methods and work together to provide strong foundations for the future of our little ones.

Who is your product for (target market)?

–          Kids ages 3-6 years

How long did your invention take to get to this point (from the time you conceived of the idea to now)?

–          We started this company, tittletot (Voxhe LLC) in 2018.

When you had your idea, what was the first thing you did?

–          Market research and then I realized that there is a need for some structured program not only for homeschooling parents but also for the schools. We interviewed some Montessori/Preschools’ directors and educators as well.

What has been the greatest challenge of getting your idea from your head to something tangible?

–          Funding

How did or are you funding the development of your invention?

–          We have a subscription model, we change in 15 days advance

How do you currently market your invention?

–          Social media for retail sales and personal contacts to the local schools

Tell us about your background?

–          I am a mother of 5 years old, and early childhood educator and MBA in Supply Chain from C.T. Bauer College of Business, UH

Who are your favorite inventors and why?

–          Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla

What’s been the most surprising part of your inventors the journey so far?

–          The most surprising part of my journey was that when I was doing my research and interviewed some of the Montessori teachers, I realized it’s not just the parents who are struggling to find good curriculum but teachers also look for good curriculum and ideas because generally, they don’t have any set format to follow.

What is a typical day like for you?

–          Work and Family

Who have been your role models, mentors, etc?

–          We have several mentors from the education industry who advise us from time to time. My role model in my father J

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

–          Education is important for every single child and early childhood education is the foundation of it. It may either enhance their interest in learning or completely lost it. We need to be very careful and sensitive about what we are presenting to these curious minds

What’s the best way for the readers/audience of Inventing Women to connect with you (feel free to include the links to your social networks and websites)?

– Website:

What is the cost and how can we learn more, purchase your invention?

– We have several packages starting from $49.99 till $349.99. We offer several custom packages for schools.