"Meet Jennifer Perry Jelt Belt Inventor"Meet Jennifer Perry, Owner/Inventor of the Jelt Belt located in Bozeman/Montana

  • Tell us about your invention? What does problem does it solve? The Jelt is an elastic stretch belt inspired by the retro belts from the 1970s made from recycled materials that contains a grippy inner gel to grip to your pants helping to avoid the sag and gap of your favorite jeans! The Jelt not only solves the problem of saggy pants, but the buckle also snaps flat so that it is super low profile under tops and the materials allow you to pass right through airport security without taking it off! No metal, no fuss, snap and go!
  • What was the inspiration for your invention? I have always been inspired by the interlocking stretch belts from the 1970s and wanted to emulate this retro style into a product that actually worked! I wear skinny jeans a lot and was inspired by my own need for a belt that could be worn on the daily and helped in keeping my favorite jeans from stretching out. I was unsatisfied with current belts on the market and knew that other people must have been too. I created the Jelt out of my own necessity and used my inspirations from my past and my present living in Montana to create a belt that can be worn be a variety of lifestyles. Whether you are a busy mom on the go or an avid hiker/biker/skier/traveler, I know that Jelt can make a difference in the way you view comfort and this was also a big inspiration to me.
  • At what stage in the invention process are you? Trademarked, patent pending, selling on ecommerce sites and in local retail stores.
  • What is the number one goal you have with regards to your invention? I use my jelt every day and really have the goal of putting my product out there for others who are looking for an affordable, eco-friendly solution to an every day problem! My goal is to get rid of sagging and gaping pants for good! Our tag line is “Keep Your Pants On” for a reason!
  • Who is your product for? The Jelt is unisex and can be worn by every one. Our target market is active minded individuals who lead busy lives, but also those who a truly searching for a great belt that does its job!
  • How long did your invention take to get to this point)? I came up with the idea in 2013 and we launched in February of 2014. The full process took a year.
  • When you had your idea, what was the first thing you did? Searched for someone to help bring my invention to life. I found a product developer and he has helped me through the whole process. It’s been amazing.
  • What has been the greatest challenge getting your idea from your head to something tangible? Knowing where to turn, who to talk to, getting the financing and not doubting myself through it all.
  • How did or are you funding the development of your invention? We had a kickstarter campaign and I am funding this all on my own.
  • How do you currently market your invention? Social Media, Pitching to media, Local Ads.
  • Tell us about your background? I am a mother of 2 with a background in academic advising at Montana State University. I also manage a guest ranch in Glacier National Park. I think my advising background inspired me to take my own advice in “following your dreams” and creating something that you really stand behind.
  • Who are your favorite inventors and why? Grace Hopper is my favorite. She designed Harvard’s Mark I Computer in 1944. Her outstanding contributions to computer science benefited academia, industry and the military. I also have always looked up to Careese Crosby and her ideas behind the progression away from corsets to bras mainly based on the idea that sometimes it takes a woman to know what other women really need!
  • What’s been the most surprising part of your inventors journey so far? I believe in my product so much I am still surprised by people who don’t understand it which is humbling and makes me realize that it takes a lot to really make your ideas clear and concise with your marketing and product branding.
  • What is a typical day like for you? Brainstorm places that I think would connect with this product and trying to reach my consumers in creative as well as organic ways. I am in my office every day in case a customer is trying to reach me and I try and stay proactive with this idea every day!
  • Who have been your role models, mentors, etc? My grand father who was an inventor himself.
  • Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers? Jelt donates $1 of every belt sold to a yearly selected charity which is also a very important part of creating a product. I wanted to create something that helps people in more ways than one and I really want others to know that we give back as much as possible.
  • What’s the best way for the readers/audience of Inventing Women to connect with you?
  • What is the cost and how can we  earn more, purchase your invention? $34.95 per belt. Learn more at jeltbelt.com!