Denise DiSano, President & CEO of enCappture by Marked Private launched her app to give businesses a turnkey solution to stay competitive by easily engaging their audiences through their smartphones! Here is her interview:

Tell us about your invention? What problem does it solve?

We created enCappture so that ALL companies, organizations, and brands can launch powerful, enterprise-level mobile apps, quickly, easily and inexpensively to build community, extend reach, and engage audiences 365 days a year. Our mobile app platform gives companies of all types and sizes the opportunity to have their own branded mobile app without investing large amounts of money, time, and resources to develop and maintain their app. 

What was the inspiration for your invention?

"Denise Disano Inventor Encapture"

After launching Invite Bandz (our first  product that enables kids to connect privately online with friends before, during and after birthday parties and other special events. Invite Bandz are coded wristbands that serve as an invite/RSVP mechanism, private chat area, gift wish list/registry, and photo gallery) I began receiving inquiries from businesses and organizations interested in a similarly functioning product, that they could white-label, to connect with their customers, members, employees and partners. This led to the development of enCappture, a SaaS solution that allows businesses and organizations to set up a branded mobile app quickly and cost-effectively.

At what stage in the invention process are you?

enCappture is in market with almost 25 client apps in the app stores. We are in growth mode and recently initiated a major marketing campaign yielding thousands of leads. 

What is the number one goal you have with regards to your invention?

To democratize mobile apps so that all businesses can have one to engage with and market to their audience. We especially support women owned businesses. 

Who is your product for (target market)?

Our tagline is Everyone needs a mobile app. Our target market is any business that wants to engage with their audience 24/7 via their own branded mobile app

How long did your invention take to get to this point (from the time you conceived of the idea to now)?

We built the software product in 2018, soft launched at the end of 2018, and fully launched in 2019.  

When you had your idea, what was the first thing you did?

We raised money to build the platform, then we assembled our dev team and started building the product.

How did or are you funding the development of your invention?

Friends and Family investment round raising $1.4 million.

How do you currently market your invention?

We hired a terrific marketing firm and have launched a paid ad campaign on FB/Insta and Linkedin. The results have been extraordinary with a steady flow of leads coming in every day,

Tell us about your background?

I’m a  former Westchester New York public school teacher (Todd School in Briarcliff).  During my time there I applied for a grants to bring technology to my second-grade classroom. I saw how integral technology was to a well-rounded education. I applied for grants to afford me the opportunity to integrate technology into my classroom. Soon thereafter, my school made technology a regular part of its curriculum, one of the first in the area to do so. 

Later, while on hiatus from teaching to care for my three young children, I began to explore technology even further, which led to the development of my first product Invite Bandz. Today, I run Marked Private, which recently launched proprietary and innovative SaaS technology called enCappture, which enables companies, brands, and organizations of any type to cost-effectively engage and expand their audiences 24/7 using enCappture’s robust mobile platform. 

Who are your favorite inventors and why?

I always admired Sarah Blakely, the inventor of Spanx. She is an inspiration to me because of the way she brought her idea to fruition and how successful and well-known the brand has become. 

What’s been the most surprising part of your inventors journey so far?

The time, cost and work-effort it takes to plan, design and build an innovative but simple to use software. 

What is a typical day like for you?

After my teens are off to school, I start working with my overseas developers immediately at 7:00 am. My work day consists of a mix of client calls and projects, planning and approving tech projects and managing my team. After the work day ends, I cook dinner so that my family sits down together to share a meal (of course there are exceptions but I feel this is very important). Then I typically go back on my laptop and work several more hours before bed. The life of an entrepreneur!

 Who have been your role models, mentors, etc?

My husband, Dan, runs a successful software development company. He is my mentor and role model. He helps me and the team with strategy and vision. He is my sounding board. 

Tory Burch became a role-model after having the privilege of interviewing her at an event I ran for an association called YPO. I am a member of her foundation that works with women entrepreneurs. She provides resources, fundraising opportunities and a strong supportive community to empower women in business. 

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

We give discounts for women owned businesses

What’s the best way for the readers/audience of Inventing Women to connect with you (feel free to include the links to your social networks and websites)?
Linkedin s://

What is the cost and how can we learn more, purchase your invention?

Contact our head of sales at

We charge a $1000 setup fee and a monthly subscription fee depending on the size of the business.