Join Inventing Women (South Florida) for a JOURNEY THROUGH THE ECCENTRIC WORLD OF INVENTION with Steve Greenberg, author of Gadget Nation.

When: Thursday, October 14, 2010
Time: 6:00 to 8:30 PM
Location TBA: Broward County (EAST)

Investment: $30 in advance (includes dinner, program and The Inventors Handbook for Women on CD)

steve greenbergAbout Our Guest Expert: Steve Greenberg is an invention groupie. Born into a family of patent filers, Steve has always recognized the importance of America’s inventors. That’s why he wrote a book about America’s garage inventors, called GADGET NATION: A Journey Through The Eccentric World of Invention.

Steve is also on the board of the United Inventors Association (UIA). For the UIA, Steve produced and hosted a 10-part educational video series on What Every Inventor Needs To Know.

As “The Innovation Insider,” Steve travels the country looking for innovative products.

Each month, Steve can be seen demonstrating innovative products on television programs seen in America’s largest television markets including New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, Miami, Washington, DC and Houston.

To see a sample of Steve’s TV segment visit his YouTube Channel.

Steve also writes for several magazines, newspapers and websites. His “Innovation Insider” features appear in the Miami Herald, Air Currents magazine, ROOMS magazine, Smart Homeowner magazine, and others.
For more information about Steve Greenberg visit: GADGET NATION

gadget nation by steve greenbergHis book, Gadget Nation is coming out in Paperback in October. Be sure and visit GADGET NATION to learn more.

About this program: Have you ever heard of bird diapers?Interested in a talking toilet paper dispenser?What about a motorized ice cream cone?Slippers with built-in headlights?Looking for a Kosher Lamp?  These aren’t gag gadgets from some lame late night talk show skit. They are actual, real products that you can buy today. Maybe you already have?

In this session, Steve will take us on that JOURNEY THROUGH THE ECCENTRIC WORLD OF INVENTION as he showcases a dozen of the off-beat gadgets and the inventors behind them. He will share how they did it, who’s making millions and more as well as a few not so successful stories? Here’s your chance to ask questions and interact with Steve Greenberg, and maybe even find out if your invention is market worthy.

Dinner and program is $30.00 in advance. Click on the PayPal button to register for the Inventing Women Kickoff Event!

Note: Although we require advanced registration, anyone who decides last minute to attend, may do so at a cost of $40 (at the door).  We encourage you to register in advance to save the additional $10 and to keep us from scurrying to accommodate additional people.  Thank you for your consideration!

Questions, Comments and Suggestions call Heidi at 954-625-6606

We have 3 vendor tables available at this meeting. If inventors are your market and you wish to showcase your products or services, please call Heidi at 954-625-6606. Cost is $75 and includes 1 registration (dinner).

Everyone who attends will receive a complimentary copy of the Inventors Handbook for Women on CD.

And yes, Men are welcome and encouraged to join us!

We look forward to seeing you on October 14th!