Today’s Program is entitled: How to Succeed in the New Publishing Environment with Shelley Lieber

Inventing Women, Women of Wisdom® and Women in Ecommerce are excited to present this series of teleclasses to “Help Women Get Their Book From their Head and Heart to Published Product.” Here is your chance to attend the Virtual event that is both educational and inspirational and will help you realize your own dreams and goals of Writing a Book!

About this Session:

Publishing has changed more in the past year than it has in the previous 50. And the rate of change is getting faster and faster. The rules that seemed to be written in stone have begun to erode and are disappearing entirely.

Change is exciting and confusing at the same time. There are more opportunities to get published than ever before—if you know what you’re doing. Now, with all the changes, it’s harder than ever to know what to do. And, wrong decisions can be costly errors. But what if you had the right information to guide you to the next step—no matter where you are right now? In this session, Shelley will talk about how to choose between traditional and self publishing, how to avoid scams, how to build a community (audience) for your book and more!

About the Author:

Shelley Lieber, aka the Wordy Woman is an author, publisher, visionary, creator of writers’ communities and tele-seminar host. A leading authority on how to succeed in the new publishing environment, she teaches authors how to attract readers by combining traditional strategies, social media and the power of community. She is the author of 4Ps to Publishing Success, founder of VIP Authors, host of VIP Author Talks, and publisher at VIP Book Publishing. She founded and led the South Florida Association of Women Writers, Women’s Writing Room Collective and 4Ps to Publishing Success Workshops. During her 30+ years in the publishing industry, Shelley has been an editor, freelance writer, marketing manager and publicist.

Today’s session is the fifth in our series of interviews with best-selling authors, top editors, agents, and publishers, the Women’s Writing & Publishing Event offers writers the opportunity to meet the people who can make a difference in their writing career. These classes are sure to be an important learning experience for aspiring and seasoned writers alike. Check out the schedule here:

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