Today’s Program is entitled: Book Promotion 2.0 ~ How to Promote Your Book Online for Maximum Sales with Lynn Serafin

Inventing Women, Women of Wisdom® and Women in Ecommerce are excited to present this series of teleclasses to “Help Women Get Their Book From their Head and Heart to Published Product.” Here is your chance to attend the Virtual event that is both educational and inspirational and will help you realize your own dreams and goals of Writing a Book!

About this session: In this session Lynn is going to talk abut how to work with a book promotion coach.  How to develop long-term relationships that will help the author create a whirlwind book promotion event using social media, blog tours, joint venture partnerships and more.  Lynn will talk about how her book, The Garden of the Soul reached Amazon bestseller status in both the UK and US in the New Age, Mind-Body-Spirit, Spirituality and Self-Help categories using these same strategies and how you too can produce an event of similar proportions with the right people, planning and implementation.

About Lynn Serafinn: Born in Brooklyn, New York in 1955, and now residing in Bedford, England, Lynn Serafinn is a Transformation Coach, book promotion coach, teacher, motivational speaker, talk radio show host and author of the  bestselling book The Garden of the Soul: lessons from four flowers that unearth the Self. Owing to her long and diverse professional history in the music industry, Lynn’s writing is lyrical, rhythmic, colourful, highly visual and undeniably metaphoric. She holds a B.Mus. in music and a Masters in adult education/distance learning, and did extensive study of music and spirituality in India. She taught music technology for many years and was the recipient of the Microsoft UK Innovative Teacher of the Year Award in 2005. In 2007, her coaching company Create-a-Life won the Best of Bedford Business Awards. In 2009, she received the Bedfordshire Businesswomen Award for her work asnd Chair of Transition Bedford, a volunteer grassroots initiative whose objective is to create a plan for a sustainable future. She is a coach and promotion manager for mind-body-spirit authors, and created and managed the launch campaign for Number-1 selling book Blast Off! by Allison Maslan. In Feb 2010, she launched her creation “Spirit Authors”, a Virtual Coaching and Learning Experience for mind-body-spirit authors. She has a grown daughter, who is an author as well as a publisher, and a young grandson.

As a book promotion coach, Lynn is widely known for her unique approach to marketing and promotion, which she calls “spirit-based marketing.” Spirit Authors membership site which opened in Feb 2010 is the culmination of her experiences. offers training, business-building, coaching and community for mind-body-spirit authors whether established or aspiring. This multimedia site grew as a culmination of Lynn’s various talents, skills and experiences as a distance learning facilitator, author, coach, teacher, radio host and online promotional expert.

Today’s session is the fourth in our series of interviews with best-selling authors, top editors, agents, and publishers, the Women’s Writing & Publishing Event offers writers the opportunity to meet the people who can make a difference in their writing career. These classes are sure to be an important learning experience for aspiring and seasoned writers alike.

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