firefighter.jpg   Never Let ‘em Get You Down! The Challenges and Bureaucratic B.S. of Taking An Invention to Market with Denyse DuBrucq, EdD.

Join us on Wednesday, April 30, 2008 (10:00 AM Eastern Time) (9:00 AM Central, 8:00 AM Mountain, 7:00 AM Pacific)

Denyse DuBrucq, EdD. is an educator and inventor.  She serves as Managing General Partner of two partnerships holding her inventions, one dealing with the electronics inventions and the other those dealing with fires and crises.  She discovered how to use Liguid Nitrogen to stop fires.  Prospects for her invention are world wide to reduce the carbon released to the atmosphere during fires and to preserve water resources.  She anticipates demonstrations in China to control their severe coal mine fires and in California for the Department of Forestry and Fire Prevention to end wildland fires quickly and efficiently. 

In 2003 with the Iraq War underway, the Iraqis threatened to explode their oil wells 20 feet below the surface.  To control these events without losing rights to the technology as happened in her work to control the Kuwait well fires in 1991, DuBrucq started writing the first Liquid Nitrogen patent focusing first on the Iraqi task, and, as the ideas kept streaming, the a wide group of fire and crises control capabilities. 

August, 2003, she offered the US Army Corps of Engineers means to quickly end the oil pipeline fires in Iraq, where these fires took 10 days to end, enabling them to be controlled in one day.  The compensation she requested never happened because it had to be paid by the company that lost profits because of the new required speed of fire control.  In this session you will learn about Denyse’s journey of disappointment, promises not kept, political two-stepping and other challenges she has faced to get her products to market. 

Unwavering in her quest to succeed, Denyse has put together a team that she feels will help her get the much needed funding, attention and outcome she knows can and will change the world.

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