When it comes to giving away, you cannot do enough. Countless people need help, and you must do your bit by supporting as many as you can. The vision drives charitable groups and organizations that want to make a difference. If you run one, you have to look for ideas to motivate people to come forward and donate. It will probably take some creative thinking to entice people to give, but the effort is worthwhile if you can gather enough to help the underprivileged.

While you can organize events and charity drives to raise funds from the community, cause jewelry is a unique instrument. You can collaborate with designers to create some incredible pieces and sell them at a premium to raise funds for your purpose. Although the concept is great, you will have to think outside the box to showcase the jewelry at the right places and get a step ahead with your fundraising campaigns. Here are some innovative ideas you can try for raising funds with purpose jewelry. 

Get a retailer on board

Selling cause jewelry requires you to display it where potential buyers can see it. Local retail outlets make the best partners for showcasing your stuff. Explore such collaborations because they give you the opportunity to present the pieces to locals and tourists. You need not even make efforts to promote your charity, items, or message. Display them at the right places at the retail store, and you can attract attention towards the pieces and your mission. You can easily find retail partners for such initiatives because local businesses are more than willing to help a good cause.

Sell online on a website

Most charity organizations have websites that showcase their mission and vision. It is a good idea to display your cause jewelry on this platform and reach out to potential donors. The online selling opportunity is huge because it does not confine you to one location. You can get the advantage of an extended reach by requesting your followers will promote the stuff across their social media profiles. If you don’t have a website, you can explore options of showing your wares on an online marketplace. The opportunity can be even bigger because these marketplaces have an extensive audience. 

Thank your patrons 

Cause jewelry isn’t only for selling because you can use it as a token of gratitude for people who support your purpose. You can simply give away a bracelet or ring to people who donate a significant sum to your organization. It is a good way to build your following and get people to propagate your organization and cause through word-of-mouth recommendations. The initiative will also foster lasting relationships, and givers will have good reasons to come back for repeat donations when you show your appreciation.

Organize event sales 

Raising funds with jewelry for a purpose requires you to be present at the right places at the right time. Consider setting a stall at a local event to sell your stuff. You can even be a part of outstation events if you want to extend your target audience. It is easy to catch the eye of donors at such places because you get a platform to propagate your mission. You will be surprised by the interest givers show. Right now, virtual events are a big hit because the pandemic has stalled real ones to curb the virus. Explore upcoming ones and book a slot so that you can be visible to the right people.  

Crowdfunding campaigns 

Crowdfunding is one of the most popular options for raising funds for a mission. It is all about reaching out to people, educating them about your cause, and driving them to give away. You don’t have to spend much on getting the message across, but the method gets you big donations for your organization. Give away jewelry pieces to support your crowdfunding initiative, and you can bring in more numbers and dollars with thoughtful incentives. 

Levels of giving 

“Levels of giving” is an idea that takes your crowdfunding campaigns a notch higher. Create different levels of giving for the donors and have a specific jewelry gift as an incentive for each level. For example, you can give away a ring for Tier 1, a pendant for Tier 2, and a bracelet for Tier 3. Differentiating the levels of support entices people to donate more because they will want to get a higher-value incentive. You can use “Levels of giving” as an ongoing campaign so that donors want to come back for more. 

Mystery boxes

You can go innovative by adding an element of surprise to your donation drives and campaigns. Promote mystery boxes at retail stores and online to reach out to potential donors. Showing off the mystery box on social media is a great idea because you can propagate it with likes and shares from the followers. People will want to see what’s in the box and donate happily to get the chance to open it. The best part is that a gorgeous piece of jewelry in the box will have them waiting for the next one. 

Raffle giveaways 

Another fun idea to raise funds for your cause is by inviting followers for a game. People will be curious, and you can good chances of having them turn up in large numbers. It is easy to sell raffle tickets because these are of nominal value. But you can still collect a big amount by selling them in large numbers. Showcase jewelry items as winning prizes, and you will see booming sales. A raffle is also a great idea to extend reach and visibility for your organization and its mission. 

Raising money for a good cause requires a lot of motivation and commitment towards your purpose. It also requires innovative thinking, and jewelry with a purpose is an excellent idea. If you use it smartly, you can gather funds for now and have donors coming back again. Moreover, purpose jewelry works as a brand promotion tool for your organization and helps you reach out to a larger audience. 

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