Men and women can say “Count me in!” to help eradicate this preventable cancer 

Cervical cancer education will get a shot in the arm this month from an unusual source – The Undie Awards.  Every year underwear preferences come out of the closet as men and women vote online for their favorite styles and manufacturers.  This year HerRoom.com, organizers of the Undie Awards, will donate twenty-five cents to the National Cervical Cancer Public Education Campaign for each voter who clicks Count Me In!

 “If more education can save lives and wipe out cervical cancer, we’re prepared to step up and support that ideal,” says Tomima Edmark, Founder and President of HerRoom.com.  “Just go to The Undie Awards, cast your votes and click the Count Me In! button. We’ll donate twenty-five cents for every voter who does that. Last year we received 12,500 votes and we hope to get many more this year.  If 100 000 people vote this year we’ll donate twenty-five thousand dollars to the fund.” 

The American Cancer Society estimates that in 2008, about 11,070 cases of invasive cervical cancer will be diagnosed in the United States and 3,870 women will die of the disease. The National Cervical Cancer Public Education Campaign is committed to eliminating cervical cancer completely and now that a cervical cancer vaccine is available, 70% of cervical cancers can be prevented.  In addition, the availability of improved Pap test screening plus a test for the virus that causes almost all cervical cancer—the Human papilloma virus, or HPV—means that no women need die from this preventable cancer. 

Voting in The Undie Awards provides men and women with information about America’s favorite underwear styles. Awards go not only to the overall category winners, but with the body type data that each voter enters men and women can also see the most popular styles for different body types. 

Note: Inventing Women will be intervieiwing Tomima Edmark, Inventor and Founder of HerRoom.com and HisRoom.com on May 2, 2008. Stay Tuned!