Rosie Mangiarotti, a 26-year old entrepreneur, creator and founder of Perkies, an innovative under-assets that began with the world’s first affordable, more sustainable upgrade to the modern sticky bra. 

A member of her own primary demographic and a born entrepreneur, the Forbes-featured founder set out to solve some of her generation’s style challenges while supporting a cleaner planet. Perkies emerged from a college assignment at Brown University, quickly growing into more than a thriving business that gives back – a fan-favorite force for flawless style and global good.   

After watching her father walk the path of a hard-working entrepreneur, Mangiarotti followed suit, earning her Bachelor of Arts in Business, Entrepreneurship, and Organizations at Brown. During her junior year, her professor asked each student to develop a business plan from a concept that solves a customer pain point. Years of frustration with sticky bras influenced Mangiarotti’s choice to redesign the wardrobe staple. For those who want to keep up with the latest skin-baring style trends, the original sticky bra proved an absolute asset. Yet, the adhesive surface dirtied over time, becoming less and less sticky until it was eventually tossed, contributing to worldwide fashion waste. 

Mangiarotti’s solution: a proprietary, layered “peel-off” adhesive that can be reused, removed, and replaced so that the bra itself can be washed and reworn. This approach saves 90% of the garment from the wastebin while also saving wearers hundreds on replacement bras. Following three years of in-depth research and development, Perkies Sticky Bra debuted with resounding success. What’s more, the company is privileged to dedicate 5% of every website sale to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation®, supporting the many women who love Perkies products as post-mastectomy solutions.

In addition to the Sticky Bra, Mangiarotti has since introduced essentials like Perkies Petals nipple covers, Perkies Nips nipple enhancers, and Perkies Fashion Strips double-sided adhesives to keep clothing in place. She finds a source of constant inspiration and support in conversations with her mother, her friends, and innovative, entrepreneurial female role models who came before her in the undergarment/beauty industry. She is passionate about her work, committed to focusing on the positive, and thankful for an opportunity to set an example for future enterprise-builders excited to follow their dreams. From her journey, Mangiarotti has learned vital skills that will last a lifetime, including resilience, flexibility, and gratitude.

When she isn’t developing a new problem-solving product (like Perkies’ new activewear line set to release in 2023), Mangiarotti enjoys spending time with friends and family or fueling creativity through cycling, hiking, and trips to the local beach.